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Runnymede Adventure Club (RAC) is the licensed Before and After Childcare Program located within Runnymede Public School (RPS) for children ages 4 – 12 years. RAC has a pre-determined amount of licensed childcare spaces available each year. Our primary goal of providing a high quality program for our present families is balanced with the demand of expanding our program to meet the greater need for childcare spaces from the parents of Runnymede Public School (RPS). Our forecasted plans include looking for ways to add additional spaces for future school years, working in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the TDSB, our local school community and the City of Toronto. Since the beginning of Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) in September of 2014, Junior Kindergarten (JK) is now the main point of entry for the majority of RAC student placements, as this is where most of the spaces are available at the beginning of each school year. For new JK Parents, when registering for School at the RPS school office (416-393-9055), a copy of RAC’s FDK Expression of Interest Form is made available to all interested families. For more information please see our Full Day Kindergarten page. Please note: Due to the Ministerial Order that closed all publicly funded schools in Ontario due to COVID-19 in mid-March 2020, the RAC FDK Lottery had to be postponed. Once the Ministry of Education Guidelines were received by RAC in June, we had to make plans to decrease our Summer Program enrolment based on the new eligibility criteria and mandated cohorts as noted in these Guidelines. Our plans for an expansion, are currently on hold. Once we have a concrete plan forward in these difficult times, we will update our website with new information. Thank you for your understanding.
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