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Our Haunted House was a big hit this Halloween By Jessica By Hannah
Full Day Kindergarten With regards to Full Day Kindergarten (Junior Kindergarten {JK} and Senior Kindergarten {SK}) childcare or the Before and After Program here at Runnymede Public School, this is Runnymede Adventure Club’s (RAC’s) process: 1. By completing RAC’s Expression of Interest Form this is your indication to RAC that you are interested in enrolling your child in our Before and After FDK Program 2. All RAC Expression of Interest Forms 2018 received during the months of February and March 2018, will be given equal consideration.  As soon as RAC is able to confirm the number of spaces that we have available, we will hold a lottery (April 2018).  If your child’s Form is pulled in the lottery, we will contact you with the information that you have provided on this Form. 3. RAC may not be able to offer a space to everyone who is interested, and we will therefore, be creating a Wait List from the Expression of Interest Forms of children that are not pulled in the lottery. 4. Please note, JK is our primary point of entry into our program. For more information please see the Runnymede Public School Council’s website.
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