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Full Day Kindergarten With regards to Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) (Junior Kindergarten {JK} and Senior Kindergarten {SK}) childcare or the Before and After Program here at Runnymede Public School, this is Runnymede Adventure Club’s (RAC’s) process: 1. At the start of Kindergarten Registration at Runnymede Public School, (usually Feb. 1st of each year), RAC will make available and accept the FDK Expression of Interest Form from the interested parents that register at Runnymede Public School (RPS.) By filing out this form it is your indication to RAC that you are interested in enrolling your child in our Before and After FDK Program. 2. Once the Form is completed, please SUBMIT it to the RPS Main School Office, attention RAC (we have a mailbox there). Equal consideration for all Application Forms are given from Feb. 1st to mid-April of each year (We are accepting until April 14th/20 this year) 3. Acceptance into the RAC FDK (JK/SK) program is done by Lottery each spring – this lottery is completed by April 30th each year. If your child’s Expression of Interest Form is pulled in the lottery, we will contact you from the information that you have provided on this Form. 4. RAC will not be able to offer a space to everyone who is interested, and we will therefore, be creating a Waitlist from the FDK Expression of Interest Forms of children that are not pulled in the lottery. 5. A FDK Waitlist, will only begin after the initial calls for FDK applicants go out by April 30th each year. It is made up of all children that have not been called to be in our FDK program each September. Please note, JK is our primary point of entry into our program. Still have questions? Please refer to the FAQ page. For more kindergarten information please see the Runnymede Public School Council’s website. Please note: Due to the Ministerial Order to close all publicly funded schools in Ontario related to COVID-19, the RAC FDK Lottery has been postponed. We have been delayed by one month in surveying our present RAC families to find out how many spaces we have available. Once we have this information, we will be holding the RAC FDK Lottery by the end of May for any available spaces. Please note: Spaces will be limited for Sept. 2020, as our plans for an expansion, are currently on hold, until we get directives from the Ministry of Education and Toronto Public Health. Once we have a concrete step forward in these difficult times, we will update our website with new information. Thank you for your understanding.
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