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School Year Program - Enrollment FAQs 1. How far in advance do I have to put my child on the Waiting list? FDK (JK/SK) child does not need to be put on the Wait List prior to a parent completing a FDK Expression of Interest Form the Feb/Spring before your child starts JK. 2. How often do I need to check in for my position on the Waiting List? Phone calls do not need to be made.  Once the application is filled out a child remains on our List until their name is selected in the lottery and a phone call is placed to the parents/guardians to accept or decline the space. 3. What happens if I do not need childcare anymore? Make a quick phone call to have your child's name removed from the list. 4. Is there part-time childcare available? There are no part-time spaces available.  5. Does my youngest child have priority over other children in his/her age group if there is a sibling already enrolled at RAC? Yes, please refer to sibling policy in priority of admission.   6. What are the ages of the children at RAC? Ages are from 6- 12 years. 7. Does RAC have subsidized spots in either the school year or the summer program? Yes.  Please contact the City of Toronto, Children’s Services. 8.  Is there a deposit to save my spot on the Waiting List?  No there is no deposit needed.   9. Does my child have to be a student at Runnymede Public School? Yes your child does need to be enrolled at Runnymede Public School for the school year program but not for the Summer Camp.
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