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School Year Program - Enrollment FAQs 1. How far in advance do I have to put my child on the Waitlist? A: FDK (JK/SK) child does not need to be put on the Waitlist prior to a parent completing a FDK Expression of Interest Form (see FDK page) the Jan/Spring before your child starts JK. 2. How often do I need to check in for my position on the Waitlist? A: Once an FDK Expression of Interest Form or School Age Application/Waitlist Form is filled out a child remains on our Waitlist until their name is selected in the lottery (JK/SK) or through the Waitlist Process (as described on the Waitlist page), where a phone call is placed to the parents/guardians to accept or decline the space. 3. What happens if I do not need childcare anymore? A: Make a quick phone call or email to have your child's name removed from the list. 4. Is there part-time childcare available? A: There are no part-time spaces available. 5. Does my youngest child have priority over other children in his/her age group if there is a sibling already enrolled at RAC? A: Yes, please refer to sibling policy in priority of admission. 6. What are the ages of the children at RAC? A: Ages are from 4 - 12 years. 7. Does RAC have subsidized spots in either the school year or the summer program? A: Yes. Please contact the City of Toronto, Children’s Services. 8. Is there a deposit to save my spot on the Waitlist? A: No there is no deposit needed. 9. Does my child have to be a student at Runnymede Public School? A: Yes your child does need to be enrolled at Runnymede Public School for the school year program but not for the Summer Camp. 10. What happens if I get a call to offer me a space for my child? A: Offers of a space in our school year program will be valid for 2 days. Once a family has committed to take a space, a deposit equal to one month’s fee is required to hold the space and a start date will be confirmed. If for some reason the family later declines the offer (before the start date), but wishes to remain on the Waitlist, they will be placed at the end of the List. 11. Why are you asking me for a deposit? A: The deposit is required to secure the space at the Centre equal to one month’s fees. For current RAC families, and new applicants offered a space for each September (start of each school year), the deadline for a full refund will be August 1st of each year. Notice given after this date, a refund will depend on securing a replacement applicant for the space at the start of the month. 12. I filled out an FDK Expression of Interest Form/SA Application Waitlist Form but I have not heard anything yet? A: RAC Administration will send an email confirmation to all parents/guardians that have submitted a FDK Expression of Interest Form or School Age Application Waitlist Form within the month that it is received.
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