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Runnymede Adventure Club’s objective is to provide a caring and stimulating childcare program that enhances each child’s development. The RAC staff’s leadership is an integral part of the program as they provide an environment where learning is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, and children can develop at their own individual pace. We foster a family atmosphere, where every child can feel a sense of belonging and feels valued for the strengths and skills that they possess. RAC also aims to assist children with their social, emotional, creative, physical and intellectual development. We encourage independence, foster development and strive to give each child a positive sense of self. Runnymede Adventure Club is located in Runnymede Public School. We are a non-profit, Before and After Childcare Centre, that employs RECE staff and assistants. We are managed by a Director, a Program Supervisor and an elected Board of Directors, comprised of parents of children enrolled in the Centre. During the school year, RAC operates with a total of 162 licenced spaces open to children that attend Runnymede Public School, aged 4-12 years. For enrolment in our School Age Summer Program, present RAC families receive priority and this is for children aged 6- 12 years. There are fewer summer spaces available than the school year program in order to maintain a lower staff to child ratio.
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